The Heritage Of Moncler Brand

Way back in 1952 Rene Ramillom and Andre Vincent designed some winter jackets for their workers. They used their experiences during the World War II while fighting off the French Resistance troops as a benchmark for deciding the necessities that the jacket design should have. The initial design was created keeping in mind the military requirements of the troops and the need for adequate protection from the bitter cold. They understood that extreme cold could be fatal by bringing on a host of diseases and ailments. They gave their brand the name “Moncler” as an ode to a nearby village called Monestier de Clermont.

During World War II the firm supplied equipment to the French Alpine troops. Later the firm also started manufacturing sleeping bags and gloves. “Tergal” a polyester fiber was used by them at that time and within no time Moncler had grown to become a well established and renowned brand.

Finally reality was accepted in the fashion world that sport attire too needed to look debonair and not bulky. Earlier winter wear was oversized and hindered movement. Moncler understood this gap and introduced lightweight winter wear that protected the wearer from harsh winters without affecting his maneuverability. Comfort and fashion were very beautifully amalgamated by Moncler while designing its winter collection.

Today Moncler is the first choice for premium winter clothing. Their smart casual designs are immensely popular amongst youngsters. The cuts and fits of Moncler jackets are their USP. They have distinctive styles that make you look fashionable along with keeping you warm. Moncler has introduced jackets for men, women and ladies and has an enviable collection to choose from. Each garment has the classic logo embossed on all the hardware and is also on display on the chest or sleeve.

In collaboration with Junya Wsatanabe and Beams, Moncler has also introduced some effervescent shiny colors in its jackets that especially appeal to the youngsters. Recently Moncler made a grand entry in the Chinese market with the assistance of Adrienne Ma, who is the daughter of the renowned Joyce Ma. She opened the inaugural store in the city of Hong Kong and the store was sold out within no time. 1994 to 1998 saw Moncler grow as a fashion giant and spread its roots globally to all countries. The stores of Moncler are aesthetically designed and display their stunning collection of jackets, scarves, boots, bags and T-shirts for men, women and kids.

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Culture And Heritage In A Tourist Friendly Way – Enjoy Europe

One of the theories of the origin of the name of this continent – Europe – is that it comes from the name of a princess called Europa. This continent occupies the extreme western point of Eurasia and is separated from Asia by the mountains of the Caucasus and Ural ranges. Such is the draw of this continent and most of the countries that form the continent that there are plenty of cheap flight deals to and from this continent. There are plenty of airports all over the continent and landing in any one of them can enable access to not just that country but also many others bordering it. Given the excellent condition of the roads, the flights can get an individual into one country from where anyone can go by road or train elsewhere too.

Using different airline companies one can access countries, like Greece, France, Denmark and Finland which offer such different and diverse views of the continent. One can use Frontier Airlines reservations to access many other countries of the continent too. Probably the richest history is to be found in countries like Greece and Italy. For the immense religious value of Vatican City, people choose many of the flights to Europe and enjoy the serenity and significance of this country. Italy is yet another country that holds sway for its cuisine and also for the fact that this wonderful country has the world’s biggest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the cheap flights to Europe will take a traveler to the romantic capital of France – Paris. The Eiffel Tower there is one of the most visited tourist attraction in the world. If one is interested in the natural splendor of the continent, then there is enough choice here too. Sports, food, sightseeing and shopping, this continent offers it all.

There are plenty of choices of traveling into and around the continent and one such option is a British Airways flight. From the National Park in Iceland to the National Park in Russia, this continent is breathtaking in its natural diversity. One can also get hold of cheap tickets to Europe and visit countries like Portugal and Poland which have a very different look and feel and immense history. There are also convenient Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations to countries such as Monaco and Spain which have immense history as well. Food is another reason to travel through this continent. From the wine regions of France and Italy to the beers of Germany there is plenty to enjoy. There are some fabulous local spirits like the whiskey in Ireland and Vodka in Russia. Fine dining in France and even the simple fish and chips in UK can be cuisine of great delight.

Switzerland – Where Beautiful Vistas, a Mixed Heritage, and Delicious Food Meet

If you are looking to get away from it all, consider Switzerland. This country is considered a melting pot for France, Germany and Italy creating the perfect blend for beauty and culture. If you are looking for the European experience, look no further than Switzerland. Online passport services can be found easily and will make the need for an emergency passport replacement a breeze.

A favorite sport in this area is hiking and attracts many. Beautiful natural scenery abounds and is very diverse so there will be something new for the hiker to view around every corner. The trail along the world’s largest glacier is Aletsch Panoramaweg and has been name a World Heritage Site. The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces provide an opportunity to have a more suburban experience while hiking and is another World Heritage Site. Wineries abound in this area and samples of these delicious wines are waiting for you to try. The Appenzell Alpine Trail with its floral beauty and picturesque landscapes can be compared to nowhere else in the world.

The most popular reason people travel to Switzerland is skiing. The Alpine slopes provide a world class experience for ski-lovers of any skill level. Resorts abound so whatever location you choose, accommodations will be comfortable and charming. Majestic mountain beauty surrounds you everywhere so photo opts are plenty.

For the food junkie, paradise awaits you in Switzerland. They are known the world over for their food and wine with the three main attractions being their wine, cheese and chocolate. There are varieties of tours you can choose from providing introduction to Switzerland’s towns, wineries and cheese and chocolate factories.

The numerous historic sites and interesting history make Switzerland a surprising destination for the historical adventure seeker. Ever thought of visiting a castle? Switzerland can provide a visit to some of the most beautiful medieval wonders of the world including the Steinsberg Castle, perched on a hill, or Castle of Chenaux, a stone fortress. Another famous castle is Kyburg which is also a museum where history and aspects of castle life have been recorded. St. John Monastery has been named a World Heritage Site and was constructed in the 8th century. Medieval frescoes, painting and masterpieces, abound within this monastery and provide the visitor a look back into Swiss history.

Traditional Hawaiian Sports

Besides doing “the essentials’ of life, the everyday Hawaiian commoner found some time to wile away the hours in pursuit of pastimes. One of their favorite pastimes was the pursuit of traditional Hawaiian sports. The Hawaiian people developed a very rich and interesting set of sports that we wished to share with you.

Holua is one of the most interesting of traditional sports in Hawaii, that dates back many years.The sport involved the use of a long, narrow sled, called a holua. The sled was made to navigate on a single runner. A small, long trench was dug down a hill, made smooth, and covered with grass.The participant would get on top of the sled, be given a good push, and was expected to ride the sled down hill, as far as possible. The good ones could stay on for upwards of a mile! This sport makes skateboarding look simple.

War Games were also very popular among the Hawaiians. Small battles over territory precipitated the development of a series of games that would improve the skills of warriors. Some examples of those games included wrestling, boxing, archery, and javelin throwing. These types of games were often the hallmark of the Makahiki celebration. Hawaiian boxing was, perhaps, the best example of this type of sport. In Hawaiian boxing, two contestants would continue to hit one another until one gave up, or someone was knocked out. In addition, it was considered bad form to block a punch. Each punch thrown by the competitors had to be met square in the chin, as it were! Captain Cook records a time when some of his men participated in such a contest, only to get themselves thoroughly thrashed by the Hawaiians! It was not sport for the weak of heart.

Games of skill and chance were also very popular among the Hawaiians, especially up to the point when missionaries started preaching and teaching against gambling. The Hawaiian people had their own version of “the shell game,” which was called puhenehene and no’a. Players had to guess where a stone was hidden under a bundle of kapa. A game called konane was also very popular. It is not unlike modern day checkers. Finally, a game that was like bowling was also popular. It is called ulumaika, and involved the use of stone disks that were bowled between two upright sticks.

Races were very popular among early Hawaiians, as they often are in just about every culture. Hawaiians loved racing on foot, in canoes, and in the ocean (swimming.) Again, betting was a big part of the sporting activity. Needless to say, gambling was taken very seriously by early Hawaiians.

Spear Catching and Cliff Diving were among the more extreme sports of the early Hawaiians… As in the case of he’e holua, these types of dangerous sports were done to impress the audiences that watched them. There is a wonderful old story told of King Kamehameha, where he told 5 of his warriors to throw spears at him at the same time. The story goes that he caught two spears, dodges two, and deflected the fifth.

Surfing has got to top our list for the most popular traditional Hawaiian sport. Surfing was one of the most popular recreational pastimes of the early Hawaiians. If the north shore surfing rage is any indicator, the sport of surfing is still greatly loved today.

There are two types of surfing that were popular among the early Hawaiians. The first was called he’e holua, or mountain surfing. The more traditional water surfing was called he’enalu. Both of these styles of surfing were much ritualized. Both styles were a way for the early Hawaiians to express themselves.

He’e holua is a sport that is over 2000 years old. It involved riding a 30-60 lbs sled down a hill of lava rocks. It was not unheard of that surfers could reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Traditional surfboards could be up to 20 feet in length, and weigh up to 150lbs. This is perhaps the most traditional Polynesian part of the Hawaiian heritage. Many ocean based cultures, though, have a history of riding of the waves of the ocean.

The Sport of Kings is probably the most unusual sport of all. In essence, the warfare that was conducted among tribes, regardless of the overall purpose, was considered sport. Even the Hawaiian word for battlefield can be translated as “playground.” Warfare, however, was banned during the Makahiki season. Otherwise, it was fair game to fight for fun! This was the Xgames Hawaiian style!

Traditional Hawaiian sports have the people of Hawaii a way to interact, have fun, improve fighting skills, and enjoy time together. More over, it was a ritualized expression of the culture itself. Traditional Hawaiian culture played hard and fought hard.